About Us

About Perry Films

How did it start?

The love for film making always existed and small to medium-sized businesses in Prince George struggled to find videography services. Perry Films stepped in and started telling people’s stories. As we produced more video content for agriculture and small businesses, the benefits were shown through increased engagement in all aspects of a client’s business and showed that video content was worth the investment. As new techniques and equipment kept coming that allowed for a more cinematic approach, videography services expanded to cover real estate, events, and weddings too.

The focus is and always has been to share your experiences and stories through video.

A thorough marketing education helped to craft better messages

The education I received at Cardiff University in Business Management and Marketing (BSc) gave me a better understanding of the importance of integrated marketing communications management and how to better develop a message strategy. It made me a better film maker and showed me how brands can market themselves so effectively through video.

Here are just a few of my favourite big brand commercials

What’s the mission for the future?

The mission is to keep providing people and businesses in British Columbia the opportunity to have high quality video production. No matter what happens, there is never a project too big or too small. We always want to share people’s experiences at any kind of event and also give businesses a chance to have their voices heard with some quality content in what is a saturated advertising world. The work with agriculture will always continue even as we increase our reach to help all kinds of businesses, big or small.

Are you a videographer looking to collaborate or expand your network? Reach out!