Marketing Strategy

We use video to tell your story and engage your customers

Video and photography are pieces of the formula that engage your audience and tell your story. Influencing decision making takes thought and as part of working with Perry Films, that will be broken down for you to help you reach your goals.

Our Process

Step One - Setting Your Goal

Your goal keeps your strategy on the right tracks. The plan is to create ideas with each goal in mind and understand what can be done at each stage of the process. Even if loyalty is not your goal today, that is what you should target in the long-term.


Bring your brand in front of your target audience for an introduction into who you are and what you do. Your messaging needs to be high level and easy to follow. This is best suited for organisations with a lack of exposure or difficulty displaying all that you have to offer.


Influence people’s thoughts on your brand. This is the beginning of creating an emotional connection between you and your target audience. This goal will focus the produced content to make your brand more personable and provide more context to viewers.

Loyalty and Decision Making

People know who you are and they like your brand. With this goal, you are looking to show people why your product or service should be chosen instead of your competitions. We will be focusing on finer details with this goal in mind and encourage a decision from the viewer.

Step Two - Providing Value

Your audience is bombarded with content. We need to formulate a way to keep people interested or entertained.

You can achieve this with value. Provide viewers with useful information such as advice, how-to videos, and expert tips and tricks. 

What excites your target audience? Are there any commonly asked questions or issues you see every day? These are the questions we will help you find the answers to.

Photography for AJ Finance Racing, United Kingdom

Step Three - The Production Plan

Develop a Preliminary Script

In this phase we will be noting what points need to be made and who needs to be involved in the production for the campaign to be successful

Establish a Location and Talent

We will arrange for the best day or days to produce the content with the right people on set. We will have an agreed messaging strategy and clearly outlined goals.

Production Day

The production day will consist of all videography and photography needed to make the campaign successful. Upon completion, Perry Films will edit and prepare the content for the target launch date.


During the editing process, we will establish key dates for approval to ensure that we align with your goal in the way you envisioned.

Campaign Launch

Upon approval, Perry Films will release the full project on the various chosen channels. We will run advertisements to build engagement with the targeted audience.