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Video Solutions from Perry Films

We create videos and develop a strategy to make your customers want to learn about your business' mission and story.

The hardest part of any marketing strategy is to make your target audience see through the noise and hear your message. We hear and see advertising in all forms every day of our lives and the vast majority of it all just becomes obsolete to us - we don't remember it. The messages we remember are the ones that captivate us and tell a story.

What our services can do for you

Perry Films will plan, produce, and release a unique video for your business that makes your customers understand and care about your values, helping you to increase your revenue and build customer relationships.

Video Business Cards

When people are already browsing your website, these straightforward videos can give them extra detail on who you are, your experience, and how you can help them.

Dave Fuller from PivotLeader tells us his background and achievements and shares three examples of business he has worked with to increase profitability.

Perry Films 2020 Videography Show Reel

Grab people's interest early on with a fast-paced commercial

Standing out within your industry can be tough. Showcasing a your expertise is challenging if people can’t see the hard work behind the scenes or a clear view of the final product/service. Through video, it’s easier for us to showcase your excellence. 

Advertising channels are saturated... Stand out from the crowd.

Businesses all over invest heavily into their marketing efforts. Today, you are not always just competing within your area for business but also against major corporations too. A local brewery, for example, has to combat the heavy marketing budgets of companies like Molson when trying to make their voices heard. 

Video can be a way of breaking through that noise generated by your competitors. The beautiful thing about a well-polished film is that it doesn’t matter if your opposition is loud because a great message gets shared by many. Having produced videos for small family-run businesses that have received up to 150 shares on the initial release alone, the understanding of how to properly captivate and interest your audience is here.

You don’t need a big budget to make a big impact.

We don't limit the types of projects we take on. Our goal is to share experiences, stories, and help you break into the market.

We have the capabilities to cover events, real estate, large industrial operations, and more. If you have an idea in mind, feel free to reach out to discuss it and see if we would be the right fit. 

We’ll record custom content for all of your social media and advertising purposes. The key difference with Perry Films is that the content we capture and produce will be yours to post wherever you would like. Do you want the original unedited footage? No problem.

Our process is uncompromising

Editing is key to making high quality films. Understanding the importance of filming to edit will make the difference between amateur film makers and professionals. If you have footage but you’re not sure how you can do a better colour grade and you want someone else to edit for you or if you want to gain a better understanding of what camera settings to use to get the most out of your editing softwares, get in touch and we’ll set up a session to help.

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